Heating You'll Feel Comfortable With

Helping you create a cosy home, efficiently

Do you struggle with your existing heating?

Difficult to control?

Expensive to use?


Inadequate heating is miserable. It’s miserable for you, it’s miserable for your family.

No-one enjoys shivering when the heating is on, just as no-one enjoys being too hot.

Poorly designed and inadequate heating is not only uncomfortable, it takes money from your pocket.

Money you could certainly otherwise enjoy.

How to get comfortable?


Don't be frightened to turn on the heating. Enjoy a consistent, comfortable warmth throughout your home whenever you need it.


Imagine the feeling of a heat that warms you first. Like putting your face up to the warm sun. No stuffy air, just comfortable, enveloping warmth. A big, warm hug.


Individual control. Room by room. Efficiency and comfort at your fingertips. App control or more traditional wireless control. A system that's right for you.









There's no need to put up with

Poor Air Quality

Lack of Control

Expensive Heating

Let's Fix Your Heating Problems

At Jigsaw we know you’re the kind of people who want to be comfortably warm. In order to be that way you need heating which is efficient and easy to control. The problem you have is poor air quality, lack of control and expensive to run heating which makes you feel uncomfortable and poor.

We believe that every home should have an efficient, controllable heating system which makes people comfortable.  We understand how it feels to live with poor quality heating. That’s why we manufacture high quality heating here in the UK ourselves to our extremely high specifications. 

Here’s how we fix things for you:

  1. Contact us or schedule a call to discuss
  2. We will prepare your unique solution (there is no one size fits all)
  3. We’ll talk you through all the details and answer any questions you have. 

So, get in touch, so you can stop the misery of inadequate heating and start enjoying comfortable, efficient and stylish warmth. 

Some Testimonials

Great product and service! Very helpful company going the extra mile to make sure the product is right for you. High quality heating that work well. Great service and great product. Thanks!
Alex Jenman
A very neat installation. The electrical installer was efficient and cleaned up when finished, leaving the rooms as clean and as tidy as when he arrived. The panels are superb and provide a nice, warm 'glow' to the rooms. Highly recommended products and installation.
David Stringer
Nice warm glow
Brilliant customer service. You couldn’t ask for better. Great products.
Conservatory heating We recently had an infrared heater installed in our conservatory, this replaced two oil filled radiators. The service we had off Matt and the team was first class,the conservatory is now heated within a few minutes and our heating bill is a lot lower. I can highly recommend Jigsaw,first class service and products
Mr. Shuck
Highly recommended
FIRST CLASS Pleasant and helpful staff who got on with the job. Fully explained the way in which the heaters work and left an instruction manual to assist me. Told me to telephone them if I ever had any problems. Left the house neat and tidy having fitted good quality heating. Would fully recommend this company.
Brian Green
first class
Jigsaw Infrared Heating Made In Britain
Infrared Heating Trade Association

Infrared Heating Trade Association

We’re proud members. The IRHTA ensures high quality infrared heating by only accepting products which have met rigorous independent testing requirements. Only manufacturers with valid product certificates are accepted.