Exceptional Quality & British Made

Your Heating - Your Comfort

Let's get it right for you

  • Simple installation
  • UK certification & manufacture – quality of components, manufacturing and robust quality control. Combined with extensive UK certification, done in the UK. 
  • Sensible wattages – we manufacture in 400W, 800W & 1000W meaning you’ll use less heaters to heat spaces.
  • Sensible dimensions – designed for simple wall or ceiling mounting without taking up a large amount of space.
  • Suspended Ceiling Installation – our 400W and 800W heaters are designed to slot perfectly into suspended ceilings.
  • Finishes – white is the standard finish, but we can manufacture to any RAL colour you like, with other special finishes also available. Images are also possible. 

Your Heater - Your Choice

Jigsaw 800W Aluminium Infrared Heater
Jigsaw 800W Aluminium Infrared Heater
Jigsaw 800W Aluminium Infrared Heater
Jigsaw 400W Aluminium Infrared Heater
Jigsaw Infrared Heater Fixing System

The Finish

Available in White, any RAL and trendsetting special finishes.


Sensible wattages and physical dimensions = better interior design.

Standard Heater Dimensions













Certification & Testing

Let's Fix Your Heating

At Jigsaw we know you’re the kind of people who want to be comfortably warm. In order to be that way you need heating which is efficient and easy to control. The problem you have is poor air quality, lack of control and expensive to run heating which makes you feel uncomfortable and poor.

We believe that every home should have an efficient, controllable heating system which makes people comfortable.  We understand how it feels to live with poor quality heating. That’s why we manufacture high quality heating here in the UK ourselves to our extremely high specifications. 

Here’s how we fix things for you:

  1. Contact us or schedule a call to discuss
  2. We will prepare your unique solution (there is no one size fits all)
  3. We’ll talk you through all the details and answer any questions you have. 

So, get in touch, so you can stop the misery of inadequate heating and start enjoying comfortable, efficient and stylish warmth.