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Most heating in homes is not far from being in the stone-age. Difficult to control, expensive to run, gets in the way, creates dust and stuffy air. You know this already. 

You’ll also know the blackspot mould in the bathroom and the dust allergies that old style heating causes.

We used to live like this too. Then our MD discovered and installed, in his own home, a style of heating that was both comfortable and economical.

What followed was a bit like those old adverts, he enjoyed the heating so much he decided to form a company and manufacture in the UK.  

Some of Your Heating Problems









Poor Air Quality

Traditional heating creates poor air quality. The convection action of circulating air stirs up dust particles and other allergens.

Traditional heating warms the air first, which causes condensation and black spot mould in your home and circulates the spores.

Lack of Control

Traditional heating circulates air. Warm air is trapped at the top of the space.

Room temperature is only even when the whole volume is full of warm air. This takes time and difficult to adjust. Uneven temperature is uncomfortable.

Expensive Heating

Convection heating is expensive, that's why we switch it on and off so often. Heating air is inefficient.

Distributed heat loss through pipes, rapidly reducing boiler efficiency, servicing costs all make your heating expensive.

Your Solution


Our heating is at least 30% more efficient than convection heating. It's not a wild claim, it's scientific fact backed by independent study.


You can forget about stuffy air and uneven room temperature. You can have a cosy enveloping warmth that doesn't give you a headache or a blocked nose.


Comfort as you'd like it. You can control the heat in individual rooms or set up a zone. Traditional wireless controller or fingertip app control.

It's Time to Improve Your Heating

At Jigsaw we know you’re the kind of people who want to be comfortably warm. In order to be that way you need heating which is efficient and easy to control. The problem you have is poor air quality, lack of control and expensive to run heating which makes you feel uncomfortable and poor.

We believe that every home should have an efficient, controllable heating system which makes people comfortable.  We understand how it feels to live with poor quality heating. That’s why we manufacture high quality heating here in the UK ourselves to our extremely high specifications. 

Here’s how we fix things for you:

  1. Contact us or schedule a call to discuss
  2. We will prepare your unique solution (there is no one size fits all)
  3. We’ll talk you through all the details and answer any questions you have. 

So, get in touch, so you can stop the misery of inadequate heating and start enjoying comfortable, efficient and stylish warmth.